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Our Weekly Affirmation



Aspire Church is aspiration, motivation, excitation, and more. The message is positive, practical, and powerful. You’ll always leave with something that you can use.


The people come from all walks of life to experience God’s best in an atmosphere of grace and acceptance. We don’t expect cookie cutter conformity and we celebrate diversity. Our church family is eclectic—jeans, khakis, and a three piece suit, you’ll see them all on Sunday morning.  And “Doc” Stutzman is the only adult in his family without a tattoo!


At Aspire we make no apologies for believing that God moves supernaturally in the lives of His people. We believe in miracles. Healings happen. At Aspire we believe that God desires to prosper His people in every way. And it works as evidenced by the testimonies told by those who have had their lives touched by God at Aspire Church.


Are you ready for positive change? Are you looking for a church where you can leave on Sunday morning encouraged and empowered? Aspire Church is just for you!

"Now faith is..." Faith is always in the now. Tomorrow never gets here. As you exercise your faith make it here and now.


Our weekly confession: "I believe that God is working mightily for me here and now. In Jesus Name!"

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